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Beverage Control is now offering a selection of energy drinks that can be used with a bar gun. Instantly save over 50% vs. cans. You can free up shelf space and have no waste!

  • Blue Lotus Lifestyle Beverage
  • Jenuine Energy
  • Turbo Energy Drink

If you are looking for a specific flavor of a product, please ask!

Green Energy Drink Soda

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Blue Lotus Lifestyle Beverage

Listen to the radio commercial for the Blue Lotus launch party that we had on November 18, 2011

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Jenuine Energy

A Bag In Box Energy Drink

First in Atlanta, Athens, and Columbus

To be dispensed at pennies per ounce on bar guns and fountains.

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Turbo Energy Drink

Now Available! Turbo Energy Drink: Bag in a Box

No need to install a separate bar gun!  Turbo Energy hooks into your current soda system.

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